Thursday, June 5, 2008

Yesterday, stormy, no riding lesson :(

So the summer is officially here (although it's still spring) and the storms have begun. So due to said storm there was no riding lesson but I did get to breifly talk to my trainer about setting some goals (sort of). I don't actually think we got to the goals part as much as I told her that I wanted to start competing and learning more about general horse care. So she said I should start taking more private lessons (cha-ching, my husband's heart starts to pound ever more quickly) and help her with 4-H which she recently started at her barn. Did i somehow get fenagled into this?

So although there was no official lesson so nothing to report on that front I did talk to my instructor which was one of my goals. I AM going to go to the 4-H meeting on Sunday night and then we'll schedule a private for early next week. What am I getting myself into? For now I will add a private lesson, hopefully 1-2x per month and see where things go from there.

I will probably start getting ready for a barn show doing some w/t/c equitation. Although I would consider my barn an eventing barn I think I want to go more towards the hunter/jumper way (don't know how this will effect me staying there long term). I just don't see myself as an eventer (way too scary for me), althought I do love watching it.

My next goal is to try to get more FREE riding time in...already have a post on COH and will talk to my instructor about this as well on Sunday.
Can I exchange my husband's web design skills in for free riding for me? That remains to be seen. Little did he ever think he'd be working to sustain my crazy horse habit...;)

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