Thursday, June 12, 2008

June 11th Lesson

So after several super hot and steamy days the beautiful weather is back which makes for happy people and happier horses. I ended up at a private lesson last night because the one other person that was going to be in my lesson moved to an earlier one, so it was just me, which was great.

I rode a different horse last night, Gwen, who I rode when I first started riding (all that time ago...;). She is some kind of an Appaloosa cross, I believe, and is definitely getting up their in years, somewhere around 19 or 20. She can be a bit poky but once she gets going she has a nice trot and canter.

So, I really spent time working on starting to get my form better. Sitting up straighter with my shoulders up and my legs at the right place. Once I got going it felt great and I really felt like I was getting her to move along a bit better.

We also worked on figure 8's which I think will take me a while to master and make look really smooth and perfect. In addition I had never worn half chaps before so my instructor let me use hers and it really helped my legs to stick at the canter. That sticking helped me to really focus on my seat and my hands (sit back!, lower your hands!). I sometimes feel like I'll never be able to do all of those things and make it look effortless out there. I don't know who was sweating more, me or Gwen?

Our last canter around the ring really started to feel a bit better and my transition felt a tiny bit better too. Transitioning to the walk is something else we worked on. I really need to just put my all my weight down on my seat so I'm going to work on that tomorrow.

Well, I'll be at another private lesson tomorrow. two lessons in one week? I am getting a bit spoiled, 2 lessons next week too!!! Could we be starting a trend?

I will try and post video from my lesson too (Sometimes my cameraman and his assistant come to my lesson; aka my husband and son)

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