Monday, June 2, 2008

Putting some goals on paper?

So after getting some great advice on the Chronicle of the Horse forums (my new favorite site), I am going to have to put some real thought into my riding and what I would like to get out of it. Since one of my goals is to sit down with my instructor in the next few weeks and discuss where I want to take my riding, I figured I should probably figure that out first.
I've posted a question out there on the COH forum for people to help me set some realistic goals and already one person responded with some great advice. She said I should be able to do a whole list of things on the ground before moving to showing (which right now I believe is one of my goals).
So I am taking all of those into account; leading, turning out, tacking, bathing, hoof care, nutrition, loading and unloading from a trailer, correcting a horse that is not respecting your space (really need to work on this), establishing an idependent seat at the walk/trot/canter, becoming comfortable on a get the drift.
So my first goal is make sure that I can put a check mark next to these (I already can on several of them, yeah!)
Another goal I have is to be able to smoothly transition between a walk into a canter and from a trot into a canter and back down to a trot/walk. Right now these are very choppy for me.
One more (maybe these are too many?), to be able to stay on the correct diagonal and to get the correct lead at the canter (will I ever be able to do this?)
After this I think my next goal will be to do a local hunter/jumper schooling show in Spring 09
then maybe look into leasing a horse...?

These are just some prelim thoughts right now...of course I'm also thinking about moving barns which you can learn about that dilemma on the forum as well...who knew riding would be this much work??? Lucky for me I love every minute of it!!!

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