Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Can't think of a good title...

My husband came and videoed my lesson last week and I will try to add those to this post tonight.

Anyway last week's lesson consisted of more circles, which I actually think mine were pretty good, figure 8's and some keyhole (a game). I again rode Balley and I had a chance to canter him around the ring this time. The first time I rode him we only did some small circles so I could get a feel for his canter. He was very happy to be able to go a bit faster and I had to really work on half halting him so he wouldn't run away with me. Otherwise he has a nice canter and I think once we got things going it actually looked pretty nice. One thing that I have a hard time with him on is that when he is about to canter he drops his head which in turn tends to pull me forward. Need to watch for that this week.

I was still struggling with keeping my diagonals and then changing them nicely at the figure 8. I keep forgetting when it is I'm supposed to be out of the saddle (outside leg out/butt out of saddle).

My leg seemed to be drifting back too and we thought maybe the knee rolls on the saddle might be too big and might be pushing my leg back a bit so I'll try a different saddle this week.

We also played a game called keyhole which was actually fun although I would have rather spent the time jumping but because I forgot to put balley's splints on we decided to skip it. This week can't forget those.

So I've also been thinking more and more about buying my own horse. I've started doing some research on that. I really would like to lease though first but I think there is some uncertainty on whether my trainer is going to stay at this barn so I'm trying to weather that out a bit before I commit to a lease. I am also starting a new job in a couple of weeks with lots of horsey people so I am hoping to pick their brains a bit. I would really like to get more riding time in with one horse that I can really work with, maybe balley is that horse, who knows? Hopefully the next few weeks will bring some answers and I'll be able to move forward on that.

I will try and add those videos later...

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OnTheBit said...

Lease, lease, lease! Buying a horse takes more money, time, and emotions then you can think of! If you lease first you will get a better idea of what it is like to own a horse and if things don't work out you can just end the lease! Selling a horse in this market is much tougher! I hope you keep learning lots in your lessons!